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Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted processing and manufacturing partner to all sides of the industry. From business-to-business to our business-to-consumer relationships we provide transparency, quality, & consistency which can be seen through our services, products and our everyday business practices.

Our Facility & Process

By having our own facility, Great Lakes Alchemy, it provides the control in the process needed to produce high quality CBD distillate that we manufacture into all our products.  Controlling the process means we test at every phase, from Bio-Mass to Crude, from Crude to Distillation, from Distillation to Final Product.  Controlling the process means we follow strict SOPs to ensure consistency.  Controlling every process means we take safety and quality seriously not only for our customers but our employees as well.

Our Farm

Our exclusive partnership with Green Ridge Farms in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan ensures that we receive the highest quality Industrial Hemp for our final products.  With their Hand-Planted and Hand-Harvested  farming process coupled with organic growing and care standards, it was a natural fit to work together with Green Ridge Farms.  In addition to farming, their belief of Integrity, Honesty and Trust aligned with Superior Fitness CBD's way of doing business.

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